Emilia Mihaylova

Emilia Mihaylova is Associate Professor of Physics at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She received her Ph. D. from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She has published more than 60 papers in leading international journals. Current research interests of Emilia Mihaylova include holography, with focus on new holographic photopolymers for specific applications, digital holography with focus on microscopy and metrology, electronic speckle pattern interferometry and shearography, white light interferometry and profilometry.

Emilia Mihaylova

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Holography - Basic Principles and Contemporary Applications is a collection of fifteen chapters, describing the basic principles of holography and some recent innovative developments in the field. The book is divided into three sections. The first, Understanding Holography, presents the principles of hologram recording illustrated with practical examples. A comprehensive review of diffraction in volume gratings and holograms is also presented. The second section, Contemporary Holographic Applications, is concerned with advanced applications of holography including sensors, holographic gratings, white-light viewable holographic stereograms. The third section of the book Digital Holography is devoted to digital hologram coding and digital holographic microscopy.

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