Christina Wahl

Wells College United States of America

Christina Wahl studies craniofacial development, in particular differentiation of the eye and periocular structures. Her other research interests include the visual ecology of larval and juvenile fishes, the effects of light regimes on sensory system development, and variations in the normal morphology of vertebrate ovaries. She teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, developmental biology, research methods, and vertebrate zoology at Wells College in Aurora, New York. Her husband Ellis Loew is a professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. They have two daughters and they enjoy homebuilding and traveling together.

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It is human nature to measure things, and this holds true for science as well as everyday life. The five papers in this book demonstrate the usefulness of a morphometric approach to a variety of subjects in natural history, including systematics, phenotypic plasticity in response to environmental variation, and ontogenetic adaptation. As our understanding of genetic control mechanisms and epigenetics has matured over the last several decades, it has become clear that morphometric assessment continues to be important to our overall understanding of natural variability in growth and form. The tremendous growth of our knowledge base during the last century has necessitated that we find new ways to measure and track greater detail as well as greater numbers of parameters among populations and individuals.

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