Alireza Aslani

Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences Iran

I was born in 1982 in the village of Ahar Pshtab Horand. Alireza Aslani is Academic Staff at Jundi Shapur University of Technology in Dizful, Islamic Republic of Iran, JSU. He specializes in the design, Synthesis, Characterization and Analysis of Nanomaterials, Modern Nanomaterials, Nanochemistry, Nanomedician, Nano drugs. Coordination Polymers, Nano-Coordination Polymers, Supramolecular Chemistry and Nuclear Nanoparticles and is currently working in this areas of Nanotechnology and Nano-Chemistry. His TEZ is Paramount TEZ in Tarbiat Modares University at 2010; He has 8 patent and more than 60 Papers in ISI or International journals. He is editor of more than 5 International Journals and Reviewer more than 200 papers at international journals. Alireza Aslani-Zakariya can be reached by email at,,, 1- Birthday: 20/12/1982 Ahar-South Azerbayjan-Iran 2- Base of Teach: Nanochemistry and Chemistry 3- Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology proficient Title of TEZ: Synthesis, Characterization, Structural and Thermal Analysis of Coordination Polymers at Nanosized With Lead(II) 4- Work Addres: Jundi Shapur University of Technology, Dizful, Khuzestan, Iran (Islamic Republic of) 5- Married 6- Email:,, Tel: +98-914-1261366, +98-914-6135614

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