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Jesus Hamilton Ortiz obtained his bachelor degree in mathematics at the Santiago de Cali University, DEA in Telecommunication engineering in Madrid Technical University, PhD in Computer Engineering in Castilla La Mancha University and PhD (c) in Telecommunication engineering from Madrid Autonomous University. He was previously assistant professor and full researcher at the Castilla La Mancha University, Jesus is CEO Close mobile R&D. In addition to this, Jesus is associate editor in IEEE, author, reviewer, editor in different topics about mobile ad hoc networks, telecommunication networks, wearables, etc. Currently, he is working on R&D projects on swarm of UAVs, swarm AUVs, RPAs, IoT an industry 4.0.

Jesús Hamilton Ortiz

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This book shows a vision of the present and future of Industry 4.0 and identifies and examines the most pressing research issue in Industry 4.0. Containing the contributions of leading researchers and academics, this book includes recent publications in key areas of interest, for example: a review on the Industry 4.0: What is the Industry 4.0, the pillars of Industry 4.0, current and future trends, technologies, taxonomy, and some case studies (A.U.T.O 4.0, stabilization of digitized process). This book also provides an essential tool in the process of migration to Industry 4.0. The book is suitable as a text for graduate students and professionals in the industrial sector and general engineering areas. The book is organized into two sections:
1. Reviews
2. Case Studies
Industry 4.0 is likely to play an important role in the future society. This book is a good reference on Industry 4.0 and includes some case studies. Each chapter is written by expert researchers in the sector, and the topics are broad; from the concept or definition of Industry 4.0 to a future society 5.0.

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