Stephen Young

Salem State University United States of America

Professor Young is a former chair of the Department of Geography at Salem State University where he focused on remote sensing, vegetation change and the geography of Asia. His recent work has centered on environmental change in NE North America, the mapping of lands vulnerable to sea level rise, and nature conservation in China. Dr. Young’s research has appeared in journals such as: Biological Conservation, Biotropica, Forest Ecology & Management, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, Mountain Research and Development, and Vegetation. He received his Ph.D. in geography from Clark University, a master’s degree in environmental science from Yale University and a B.A. in environmental studies from the University of Vermont. In addition to his environmental research, he bridges the arts and sciences through art gallery exhibitions which expose the public to science and geography. His exhibition, The Earth Exposed, has been displayed in over a dozen galleries including the headquarters of the National Science Foundation as well as being displayed in Australia and Tunisia.

Stephen Young

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Environmental change is increasingly considered a critical topic for researchers across multiple disciplines, as well as policy makers throughout the world. Mounting evidence shows that environments in every part of the globe are undergoing tremendous human-induced change. Population growth, urbanization and the expansion of the global economy are putting increasing pressure on ecosystems around the planet. To understand the causes and consequences of environmental change, the contributors to this book employ spatial and non-spatial data, diverse theoretical perspectives and cutting edge research tools such as GIS, remote sensing and other relevant technologies. International Perspectives on Global Environmental Change brings together research from around the world to explore the complexities of contemporary, and historical environmental change. As an InTech open source publication current and cutting edge research methodologies and research results are quickly published for the academic policy-making communities. Dimensions of environmental change explored in this volume include: Climate change Historical environmental change Biological responses to environmental change Land use and land cover change Policy and management for environmental change

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