Adilson Guelfi

University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Dr. Adilson Guelfi holds PhD in Electric Engineering from the University of São Paulo. He is professor and researcher at the Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo, technical manager of the first Brazilian laboratory for testing and verifying the compatibility of systems, devices and equipments from the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure standards.

Adilson Guelfi

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Adilson Guelfi

Technology development, mainly for telecommunications and computer systems, was a key factor for the interactivity and, thus, for the expansion of e-learning. This book is divided into two parts, presenting some proposals to deal with e-learning challenges, opening up a way of learning about and discussing new methodologies to increase the interaction level of classes and implementing technical tools for helping students to make better use of e-learning resources. In the first part, the reader may find chapters mentioning the required infrastructure for e-learning models and processes, organizational practices, suggestions, implementation of methods for assessing results, and case studies focused on pedagogical aspects that can be applied generically in different environments. The second part is related to tools that can be adopted by users such as graphical tools for engineering, mobile phone networks, and techniques to build robots, among others. Moreover, part two includes some chapters dedicated specifically to e-learning areas like engineering and architecture.

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