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Fayçal Kharfi is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University Ferfat Abbas of Sétif, Algeria, since 2011. His research interests include dynamic imaging, computed tomography (CT), imaging systems implementation, and nuclear medical imaging. He was a Senior Research Scientist at the Nuclear Research Centre of Birine, Algeria (1997-2011), where the focus of his research was in neutron imaging systems installation and application. In 2009, he received his PhD in Physics from the University of Ferhat Abbas and he was granted Habilitation (Accreditation to direct research) there in June 2012. During his PhD project, he worked on neutron CT and errors analysis. He has published more than 20 articles in various international journals, books, and conference proceedings.

Faycal Kharfi

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The overall goal of this book is to promote research and development of imaging and radioanalytical techniques by publishing high-quality chapters in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field. This book discusses the principles and applications of imaging and radioanalytical techniques across a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary science, technology and medicine, where these techniques are expected to make significant difference and contribution. It also explores the history of the field, current trends, and future directions. The book focuses mainly on cutting-edge applications, and associated equipments and methods, such as instrumentation systems and computing hardware/software. The primary target audience for this book includes students, researchers, clinicians, and professionals who are interested in medical and ground penetrating radar (GPR) imaging, and radioanalytical techniques.

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