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Saveetha Engineering College

Dr. Arunachalam Lakshmanan obtained his Bachelor and Master Degree in Physics with Distinction at the Annamalai University. He joined Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 1971 and served as a scientific officer until 1990. He obtained his PhD degree on Thermoluminescence at the Bombay University in 1981. In 1982 and 1983 he worked as a Scientific Associate at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. For a period of 2 years, Dr. Lakshmanan worked as a AvH fellow at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. He was a visiting Professor in several universities in Japan, France and South Korea. He was an Editorial Board Member in Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, UK. From 1990 to 2007, Dr. Lakshmanan was head of the Radiation Dosimetry Section at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research. In 2008, Dr. Lakshmanan published a book titled 'Luminescence of Display Phosphors- Phenomena and Applications”. Presently he is working as a Research Dean and Physics Professor at the Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, India. His research areas include Synthesis of Luminescence Phosphors and Exploiting Zero Point Energy for power production. Additionally he has developed sintering techniques to process sea sand for civil construction.

Arunachalam Lakshmanan

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The book covers new sintering techniques on ceramic materials, metals and composites as well as reprocessed PTFE. The book covers theoretical as well as experimental aspects on Spark Plasma Sintered (SPS) Porous copper, development of cutting blades with high hardness and resistance to cracking and wear, increased microhardness of austenitic steel ? TiB2 composites obtained with high pressure - high temperature sintering, Al2O3 porous body with cotton as the template and excellent thermal insulation with direct application for refractories as well as Metal matrix composites added nanostructured tantalum carbide and an overview of different sintering techniques used in powder metallurgy. Finally recycling of PTFE scrap materials using ram extrusion and compression molding is described.

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