Salim Newaz Kazi

University of Malaya

Kazi Md Salim Newaz, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. He has 11 years of service experience as an academic and 18 years of engineering service experience in petrochemical industries, construction of different chemical plants and engineering consultant in the international arena. He has the academic background with B. Sc. in Engineering (Mechanical), Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering (Mechanical) and Ph. D. in Heat transfer and Fouling Mitigation. He has been working at University of Malaya since 2009. He has introduced sophisticated research approaches on heat transfer, particle characterization, fiber and paper, heat exchanger fouling and corrosion mitigation, separation flow, nanofluid synthesis and applications, renewable energy, etc. He has completed supervision of 21Ph.D. theses, 7 patents, published more than 165 technical papers, 10 technical book chapters and edited 4 engineering books.

4books edited

4chapters authored

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This book gives emphasis to wood fiber raw materials, alternative sources of fibers for paper production, environmental issues, paper quality improvement and cost of paper production. Varieties of non-wood raw materials, including kenaf, rice straw, empty fruit bunches of palm trees, bamboo, bagasse, etc., are considered in this book. The process of fiber treatment also varied to meet paper quality improvement. Different organosolv processes of fiber treatment are discussed. Considering contemporary issues, one particular chapter analyzes the environmentally friendly way of processing non-wood fibers for paper production. The book also contains a chapter on the by-product raw materials of paper production and their profitable applications.

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