Md Salim Newaz Kazi

Universiti Malaya

Dr. Salim Newaz Kazi is a professor of mechanical engineering at the Universiti Malaya. He obtained his BSc, MSc, and MS in mechanical engineering and Ph.D. in chemical and materials engineering. After a long career in the petrochemical industry and consultancy work for different engineering companies, he has been working as an academic since 2009, specializing in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, particle characterization, heat exchanger fouling mitigation, nanofluid synthesis and applications, and renewable energy. He is an active member of many professional bodies and an editorial member of many journals. He has supervised many postgraduate theses, filed some patents, and published many technical papers.

Md Salim Newaz Kazi

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This book introduces the fundamentals, enhancements, applications, and modeling of heat transfer phenomena. Topics covered include heat transfer equations and applications in the estimation of heat energy transportation, heat transfer in specific applications, microchannel flow, condensation of refrigerants in modified heat exchanger tubes, alteration of tube surface texture for augmentation of heat transfer, boiling, etc. Also considered are fouling mitigation approaches to prolong heat exchanger operation, as well as tube coatings, heat exchanger digital twins, and various surface alteration techniques. Double-pass solar air heating and phenomena including heat transfer through thin liquid film and surface texture alteration for boiling heat transfer are discussed.

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