Beril Sirmacek

Saxion University of Applied Sciences Netherlands

Beril holds a PhD degree in computer vision and remote sensing field. In the past, she has worked on remote sensing data processing at Yeditepe University, German Aerospace Center, University of Osnabrueck, University of Augsburg, Delft University of Technology and she has visited several other institutions among which are University of Trento, University Konstanz, University Erlangen-Nuernberg and INRIA. With her remote sensing and augmented reality application, in 2016 she was selected as Copernicus Masters DLR healthy, energy and environment challenge finalist and in 2017 she won the Copernicus Masters B2B challenge. After building up the farmAR framework, she has joined University of Twente where she currently works on deep learning, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and augmented reality (AR). She is highly enthusiastic about creating useful software services for everyday life, in remote sensing, big data, deep learning, AI and AR fields.

Beril Sirmacek

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This book is prepared as a combination of the manuscripts submitted by respected mathematicians and scientists around the world. As an editor, I truly enjoyed reading each manuscript. Not only will the methods and explanations help you to understand more about graph theory, but I also hope you will find it joyful to discover ways that you can apply graph theory in your scientific field. I believe the book can be read from the beginning to the end at once. However, the book can also be used as a reference guide in order to turn back to it when it is needed. I have to mention that this book assumes the reader to have a basic knowledge about graph theory. The very basics of the theory and terms are not explained at the beginner level. I hope this book will support many applied and research scientists from different scientific fields.

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