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Prof. Dr. Davy Vanden Broeck, MSc, PhD obtained this MSc degree Biochemistry from Antwerp University (Belgium) with judicium Cum Laude. Afterwards he pursued a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Antwerp University). Later, he joined the International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH) and research efforts focused on sexually transmitted viruses. Finally, he obtained two consecutive post-doc grants at Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), with specific focus on papilloma virus research. Currently, Dr. Vanden Broeck holds the position of professor Molecular Virology and heads the ICRH HPV/cervical cancer research team. Within this team, multi-disciplinary research is performed on the prevention of cervical cancer (vaccine, screening), as well as clinical/translational aspects of cervical cancer research, but equally fundamental research forms part of the research agenda.

Davy Vanden Broeck

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Cervical cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among women worldwide, and infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has been identified as the causal agent for this condition. The natural history of cervical cancer is characterized by slow disease progression, rendering the condition in essence preventable and even treatable when diagnosed in early stages. Pap smear and the recently introduced prophylactic vaccines are the most prominent prevention options, but despite the availability of these primary and secondary screening tools, the global burden of disease is unfortunately still very high This book will focus on the clinical and diagnostic aspects of HPV and related disease, highlighting the latest developments in this field.

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