Godwin Aflakpui

Dr. G.K.S. Aflakpui holds a PhD from the University of Reading, United Kingdom, MSc from the University of Guelph, Canada and B.Sc from the University of Ghana. His specialty is Crop and Plant Physiology, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, and Agronomy. His expertise includes participatory research, natural resource management, nutrient uptake and partitioning in crop-weed interactions using stable isotopes, physiological bases for crop-weed interactions, integrated nutrient management, adaptation to climate change, technology transfer, and science communication. He worked for 26 years in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana moving from an Assistant Research Scientist to a Chief Research Scientist. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana (ISSN 0855 - 5591) from 1998 to 2010. Dr. Aflakpui is a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and the African Scientific Institute. He is currently the Rector of Wa Polytechnic, Wa, Ghana.

Godwin Aflakpui

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This book covers key areas in agricultural science, namely crop improvement, production, response to water, nutrients, and temperature, crop protection, agriculture and human health, and animal nutrition. The contributions by the authors include manipulation of the variables and genetic resources of inheritance of quantitative genes, crop rotation, soil water and nitrogen, and effect of temperature on flowering. The rest are protecting crops against insect pests and diseases, linking agriculture landscape to recreation by humans, and small ruminant nutrition. This book is a valuable addition to the existing knowledge and is especially intended for university students and all professionals in the field of agriculture.

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