Paul Birevu Muyinda

Makerere University Uganda

Paul Birevu Muyinda is a Senior Lecturer and Head, Department of Open and Distance Learning, in the School of Distance and Lifelong Learning at Makerere University, Uganda. He holds a PhD in information systems specialising in mobile and electronic learning. In his PhD, Paul developed a Framework for Deploying and Utilising Learning Objects on Mobile Phones. This Uganda Communications Commission award winning framework has culminated into the development of several mobile learning applications. His research interests lie in mLearning, ICT4E, ICT4D, distance education, OER, and social media for student support. Paul is currently pursuing a two year postdoctoral research that shall lead to the total integration of mobile learning in the distance education student support system of Makerere University.

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Education has become the number one demanded commodity for social and economic transformation for both developing and developed economies. Thus the number of persons going and returning to school has become too big to be handled by existing brick and mortar learning institutions. Besides, the majority of lifelong learners do not have the time to become full-time students. Distance education is becoming the solution to the aforementioned challenges. It has been defined as the mode of study where the learner is separated in time and space from the institution and tutors providing the tuition.

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