Nabil K. Bissada

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States of America

Dr. Nabil K. Bissada helds position of Professor and program Director in the Department of Urology at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where he is also an Executive Vice Chairman. Among numerous important positions Dr. Bissada is also a President of Arkansas Urological Society. With the reputation as a master surgeon, his operative techniques are widely quoted. In his career, Dr. Bissada treated patients in 5 continents. He published 21 books and book chapters and authored over 300 publications.

Nabil K. Bissada

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Prostate Biopsy represents the standard procedure for diagnosing Prostate Cancer. This procedure can be performed transrectally, through perineum or occasionally through the urethra. Although the procedures of Prostate Biopsy are covered in numerous publications, there is still a need for gathering different aspects and methods in one source. Hopefully, this book will help physicians in their effort to provide the best treatment for their patients.

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