D Bala Subrahamanyam


Researcher by profession, I happen to be a Philosopher by nature. I am a simple, fun-loving and humorous person with inherent blend of sensitive and sentimental emotions with enormous amount of energy stored within. I love to enjoy the \'Life\' to its maximum. In general, I do not like getting indulge in arguments like Who is wrong ?; rather I would try to find out What is wrong ?. To the extent, I like to be an Optimistic. In my opinion, there are two simplest rules in the Life for becoming happy. Rule Number 1: Try to Change the things, which you can not accept. And Rule Number 2: Try to accept the things, that you can not change. To me, the real definition of true Love is: SHARING AND CARING OF THOUGHTS IS LOVE. I got strong passion for playing Cricket, Computer programming (especially Fortran), Cooking and I love experimenting in LINUX (that too my favorite: OpenSuse). Thats it ....something about me. You may find more details about me at my homepage: http://subrahamanyam.weebly.com/

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