Gabor Racz

Texas Tech University United States of America

Born in Hungary. Was attending Semmelweiss University Medical School at the time of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. Escaped persecution and luckily ended up in England.With unexpected help was able to get back to second year medical school in 1957 and graduated in 1962 from Liverpool Medical School. Went to Sracuse NY for residency training in Anesthesiology in1963 and remained on the faculty until 1977. Was recruited to Texas Tech University to start an Anesthesiology Department and training program. Developed interventional pain management and multiple procedures including the lysis of adhesions that at times are called the Racz Procedure. Has received numerous prizes and awards. See curriculum vitae.

Gabor Racz

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This new edition reflects the evolution of the field including new topics for historical relevance regarding the changing attitudes towards opioid prescription and use. The book points out that the realization of liberalizing use is almost uncontrollably linked to unnecessary patient death. Similarly, the evidence is increasingly confirming that interventional pain procedures work. New evidence presents, for example, that Percutaneous Lysis of Adhesions is an effective therapeutic modality that has advantages over other options due to its cost effective nature and long term outcomes reducing the need for additional procedures including surgeries and more and more expensive medications. Awareness about the consequences of bad outcomes leads to medicolegal complications. The inevitable trigger is bad outcome which is often related to knowledge, training, experience, as well as equipment design. Some of the examples and lessons learned from the medicolegal arena may soon prevent such occurrences.

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