Nese Kocabasoglu

Istanbul University Turkey

Professor Doctor Nese Kocabasoglu was born in 1960. in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Besiktas Ataturk Deneme High School in 1977. and from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1983. She completed her mandatory medical service in Mersin, Turkey from 1984. to 1986. In 1986, she got back to Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty and started working as an assistant doctor in Psychiatry Department. When she became psychiatry specialist in 1991, she started to work as teaching assistant in the same department. In 1995 she got a title of associate professor. She became a professor in 2001 and is still a professor lecturer at the Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. She is a founding member of Turkish Psychiatry Association, founded in 1995. with headquarters in Ankara. She is also a member of Sexual Health Institute (CİSED) in Turkey and an international member of American Psychiatry Association. She works as the publishing secretary of the regularly published magazines New Symposium Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences Magazine as well as the publishing advisory committee member of the Okmeydani Medical Journal and Clinical Psychopharmalogical Journal. Her research is mainly focused on social psychiatry and anxiety disorders. Parallel to her work, she founded Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty Psychiatry Department’s Anxiety Disorders Unit. Since 2002., she has been working as the commission member of Ministry of Justice Forensic Medicine Institution’s Observation Specialization Department. She obtained the first place award for psychiatric research at the 39. National Psychiatry Congress with her work “Late Beginning in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Investigation of Factors Related to Chronic Illness”. She has over 200 publications and is currently envolved in multiple ongoing researches. She speaks Turkish and English, is married and has a daughter.

Nese Kocabasoglu

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In this book, we focus on children with anxiety disorders and the children whose parents were diagnosed with anxiety disorders in their lifetime. The aim is to investigate the different types of anxiety disorders with different underlying mechanisms. The developmental perspective will support a better understanding of the development of anxiety disorders and transition from childhood to adulthood. We believe this book will appeal to a wide audience of practicing psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and mental health professionals. It is our hope that many will find this book useful for training mental health professionals to give them the newest developmental point of view about prototype anxiety disorders. We dedicate this book to our lovely families, patients, and their families.

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