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Emek Medical Center Israel

Raed Salim, MD at the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. Director, delivery ward, Emek Medical Center, Afula and Senior lecturer, Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa Israel. Dr. Raed Salim serves as a reviewer for several international professional journals in obstetrics and gynecology. His research includes several publications on cesarean delivery with special interest in timing of elective cesarean delivery and related health implications, placenta accreta developing following cesarean delivery, interventions for reducing the rate of infection following cesarean delivery and labor progress among women attempting a trial of labor after cesarean.

Raed Salim

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This book provides broad, science-based information regarding the most common major surgical procedure performed, i.e. Cesarean Delivery. The book provides relevant scientific literature regarding epidemiology and rates of cesarean delivery in low and high income countries and the impact of the disparities in the rate of cesarean delivery between countries. In addition, the book systematically reviews the relevant scientific literature regarding all perioperative considerations with a broad cover of anesthetic techniques, drugs and difficulties that anesthesiologists may encounter during cesarean delivery. Care of the neonate after cesarean and crucial guidelines for obese women undergoing cesarean are also provided. The book was written by distinguished experts from different disciplines to ensure complete and accurate coverage of the recent scientific and clinical advances and to bring care providers and purchasers up to date including essential information to help improve health care quality.

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