Fong Yuan Ma

National Taiwan Ocean UniversityTaiwan

The current position is assist. Professor on the Marine Engineering Department of the National Taiwan Ocean University, after the provincial Taiwan Ocean College graduated, the shipbuilding industry, namely, engaged the shipbuilding business in the Taiwan, from the electrical fitting shop on the Keelung shipyard of China ship building corporation, I obtained the excellent engineer award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, Republic of China (R. O. C.) in 1988. the ensuing pass surveyor\'s exam, in 1989 transferred to the China Corporation Register of Shipping, undergone a surveyor, Senior Surveyor, chief of Marine Engineering Section and Deputy manager of quality assurance department, engaged in the shipping business, deep work from each period relies heavily on senior executive with confidence-building, and obtained the excellent Maritime Engineer awards from National Association of Chinese Shipowners in 1999, as well as excellence awards and senior engineers was approved by the Taiwan Society of Naval Architectures and Marine Engineers in 2000, and in 2007 obtained the Distinguished Alumni Award from the National Taiwan Ocean University. Engaged in the professional work, on the basis of the above mentioned after portability and engaged in the teaching staff, as well as the shipping community organizers before advanced with common promoters founded in Marine Engineering Society in R. O. C. and served as the deputy secretary general and director Fiona and is currently the deputy President. Terms of office organizes the first International Maritime Technology Conference at Taiwan on 2007, 14 national and regional professional domain members would be held at hardball.

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