Daniel Olmedo

University of Buenos Aires Argentina

Academic Degree: ● Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS, School of Dentistry, National University of Córdoba (1992) ● PhD on the topic of Local and Systemic Effects of Titanium Corrosion, National University of Córdoba (2001) ● Specialist in Oral Pathology, University of Buenos Aires (Duration of the course: 1425 hours, 2 years (2009). Current Position: ● Researcher, Career in Scientific and Technological Research, CONICET ● Professor of the Oral Pathology Department at the School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires; Full time position, 2011 – present ● In charge of the Biomaterials Laboratory of the School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires. Areas of Expertise: (main research area): ● Biomaterials. ● Adverse effects of metallic biomaterials. ● Biological effects of titanium implant corrosion. ● Bone Tissue. Osseointegration. Study of the interfaces. Biocompatibility of metallic and bone substitute implant materials. ● Research grants: Grants funded by the University of Buenos Aires, the National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology and Roemmers’ Foundation (Fundación A Roemmers). ● Member of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Active participant in scientific meetings and congresses, including the World Biomaterials Congress and the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research, among others.

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