Elena Borisenko

Institute of Solid State Physics Russia

Dr. Elena Borisenko is currently a Senior Researcher at the In- stitute of Solid State Physics, at the Russian Academy of Sci- ences. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Al- loys as a Master of Science in Metal Physics, in 1985 and she did her PhD study, on condensed matter physics, at ISSP RAS, in 1992. Dr. Borisenko is experienced in studying properties and microstructure of advanced materials, especially, inorganic semiconductor compounds and alkali halide crystals. Her research includes phase transitions, physical-chemical aspects of crystal growth, grain growth and textures, structural defects, and testing of mechanical properties of solids.

Elena Borisenko

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Crystal growth is an important process, which forms the basis for a wide variety of natural phenomena and engineering developments. This book provides a unique opportunity for a reader to gain knowledge about various aspects of crystal growth from advanced inorganic materials to inorganic/organic composites, it unravels some problems of molecular crystallizations and shows advances in growth of pharmaceutical crystals, it tells about biomineralization of mollusks and cryoprotection of living cells, it gives a chance to learn about statistics of chiral asymmetry in crystal structure.

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