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National Research Centre

Dr. Hassan Ibrahim is a professor at the Textile Research and Technology Institute, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt. He has expertise in applied chemistry and technology of organic chemistry, especially in medical textiles, carbohydrates chemistry and technology, and polymers. He is also interested in pollution prevention, preparation, and applications of nanoparticles and nanofibers (polymer chemistry, chemistry of chitosan, chitosan modification, nanoparticle preparation, and electrospinning). He has participated in several national and international projects. He is also a member of and the national representative of Egypt for the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Division VI. Professor Ibrahim has supervised three Ph.D. and twelve MSc students.

Hassan Ibrahim

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Intelligent textiles are the next generation of textiles, materials, and products designed to react quickly to changes in their surroundings. They are designed to keep us cool in hot conditions, warm in cold environments, and comfortable in our regular day-to-day activities. They are utilized for convenience, fashion, safety, and protection. They also have applications in health care and hygiene in the form of intelligent medical textiles. This book provides a comprehensive overview of these exciting new materials. Chapters discuss such topics as implantable and non-implantable applications in medical textiles, restrictions on the recycling of intelligent textiles, electronics and conductive materials in textiles, and more.

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