Selahattin Incecik

Istanbul Technical UniversityTurkey

Dr. Selahattin Incecik, is the Professor of Atmospheric Scientist at the Department of Meteorology, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey specialising in applied meteorology and climatology, aerosols, air quality, air quality-climate, tropospheric and stratospheric ozone, photochemical pollution, atmospheric boundary layer processes, wind energy and modeling, climate-CO2 mitigation meso scale modelling by impact assessment of air pollution. He has conducted several research studies which resulted numerous peer-reviewed publications and international and national conference papers to date (around 200). By now Prof. Incecik has supervised 7 PhD and 5 MSc Thesis in Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Incecik has worked as an international scientist since 1986, in academia and non-governmental organisations. He obtained the PhD degree in ITU,Turkey and he followed Post Doctoral studies in Penn State University, USA. His academic and industrial work was conducted within collaborative scientific groups, based in Europe, the USA and Asia. He is Council member and University representative in Turkish National Geodesy and Geophysical Union Council (TUJJB). He also is acting member of the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen Association (TUSIAD) Environmental Group for the Climate and Adaptation-Mitigation. He and his co-workers prepared several environmental reports for European Union for TUSIAD. He is also representative of Turkey in NATO CCMS ITM, Air Pollution Modelling since 2001. He is Management Committee member in COST-728. Dr.Incecik is Convener of the Air Pollution and Atmospheric Environment Program in Asia Oceania Geosciences Society. He is also in the Editorial Advisory Board of the Atmospheric Pollution Research. Prof. Incecik was selected European Science Foundation Reviewer for the period of 01 May 2010 - 30 April 2012. He is also the expert reviewer of the IPCC report by WMO-UN. He was awarded with his contribution by Nobel Peace Prize on IPCC Special Report as lead author. He was also the coordinator of the Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Program in Istanbul Technical University.

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