Xinghua Guo

Graz University of Technology Austria

Xinghua Guo obtained his Ph.D. in Mass Spectrometry/Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, before he moved to Germany (Alexander von-Humboldt Foundation fellow), the Netherlands and Austria. He has been working in the field of instrumental analysis, using a broad range of MS, LC-MS and GC-MS, with interests in various method developments, ranging from instrumental fundamentals, applications and organic sample preparation. Since 2006 he has worked as Assistant Professor at the Graz University of Technology (Austria), where he obtained the habilitation status (Uni. Doz.) in Analytical Chemistry, gave lectures in ‘LC-MS Bioanalysis’ and ‘Organic Instrumental Analysis’, and supervised several dissertations. Currently he is specializing in characterization of small molecules in biosimilar development in the Analytical Characterization Group at Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals, Kundl, Austria. Xinghua has (co-)authored over 70 scientific publications and 2 patents.

Xinghua Guo

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For decades gas chromatography has been and will remain an irreplaceable analytical technique in many research areas for both quantitative analysis and qualitative characterization/identification, which is still supplementary with HPLC. This book highlights a few areas where significant advances have been reported recently and/or a revisit of basic concepts is deserved. It provides an overview of instrumental developments, frontline and modern research as well as practical industrial applications. The topics include GC-based metabolomics in biomedical, plant and microbial research, natural products as well as characterization of aging of synthetic materials and industrial monitoring, which are contributions of several experts from different disciplines. It also contains best hand-on practices of sample preparation (derivatization) and data processing in daily research. This book is recommended to both basic and experienced researchers in gas chromatography.

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