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Arak University

Dr. Reza Davarnejad was born in 1978 (Arak, Iran). He received his bachelor and master in petrochemical and chemical engineering in Iran in 2002 and 2004, respectively. He was joined Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang, Malaysia) and he continued his study in chemical engineering (separation processes). He focused on the supercritical technology, thermodynamics and biotechnology. He was awarded PhD. degree in 2010. He so far has more than 95 publications and research activities. Furthermore, he worked as a process engineer in Shazand Petrochemical Co., as a researcher assistant in Universiti Sains Malaysia and as an invited lecturer in several universities. He has been joined the Chemical Engineering Department of Arak University as an assistant professor since 2010. His researches have been presently conducted on the environmental engineering (wastewater treatment) through advanced oxidation processes such as electro-Fenton and adsorption. He also is as a consultant of some industries (local and international ones). He was as university deputy (educational and research) at Mahallat Institute of Higher Education around one year. He received his Associate Professor position from Arak University in 2016. He presently is head of chemical engineering department at Arak University.

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This valuable book aims to provide a connection between various chromatography techniques and different processes. Authors applied these techniques in supercritical technology, medical, environmental, physique and chemical processes. Most of them prepared mathematical support (such as correlation) for their original results obtained from the chromatography techniques. Since chromatography techniques (such as GC, HPLC & etc) are separating and analyzing methods, this chapters will help other researchers and young scientists to choose a suitable chromatography technique. Furthermore, this book illustrates the newest challenges in this area.

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