Kimihiko Sugiura

Osaka Prefecture University Japan

I received Master's degree of Dept. of energy engineering in Toyohashi University of Technology in 1989. He researched robots for hazardous environments in Central Research Institute of KONOIKE Construction Co., Ltd, in 1989, and developed the direct internal reforming molten carbonate fuel cell in Central Research Institute of SANYO electric Co., Ltd from 1989 to 1992. I got the lecturer of Osaka Prefectural College of Technology in 1992, keeps researching about MCFC, PEFC and Hydrogen production since 1992. I received Doctor’s degree of Toyohashi University of Technology about “Research on clarification of thermal fluid and reaction profile to contribute to miniaturization of fused carbonate fuel cell” in 2000. I was the visiting fellow in National Institutes of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in 1999 and 2007, researched about “The removal characteristics of carbon dioxide in molten carbonate fuel cell for the thermal power plant”. Now, I am Professor of Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology.

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