Mahyar Sakari

University of CalgaryCanada

Mr. Mahyar Sakari born 1970 in Tonekabon City, Mazandaran Province, Iran. He was completed his primary and high school i n his hometown and got his diploma on “Practical sciences” on 1988. In 1990, he entered to the University of Lahijan for his Bachelor Degree program in “Environmental Science and Fisheries Engineering”. He graduated from the faculty of Natural Resources and Environment in Septe mber 1994 and published few papers and reports in national l evel journals about environmental local issues. He started his master degree program in “Environmental Sciences” in the same university in 1997. While he was studying his master degree, Department of the Environment in Gilan Province (DOE-Gilan) employed him as an expert, thus he got interested and focused his master degree on “Ecotoxicology” and studied “LC 5096h of two herbicides on Sturgeon Fish of the Caspian Sea”. After the graduation in September, 1999, the results of this research were presented in the “First National Conference on Sturgeon Fish of Iran” and consequently published in the conference proceeding book, late on that year. As an employee in DOE-Gilan, he was appointed as the head of “Research Council of the province” and “Deputy General”. Outside of his office, several invitations were made to receive his opinions and advise from “Implementation Bodies”, “Research Institutes” and “Universities”. In 1999, he joined the “ Caspian Environment Program (CEP)” as a province representative. This program was committed among the littoral states of the Caspian Sea for protection of the environment and sustainable development. During this program, Mr. Sakari was upgraded in his position as a “National Expert” in Regional Advisory Group (RAG) and participated in several national and regional meetings and conferences. During his services in DOE-Gilan and 2 phases of CEP, he had leaded and implemented several research projects and plans and prepared many local, national, regional and international reports. He also participated in scientific conferences to present his findings. The results of his findings were presented in Germany, Spain, UAE, Turkey and England and also published few articles in peer reviewed journals. The first record of Chinese Mitten Crab ( Eirocheir sinensis) from Iranian Waters that confirmed and licensed by the British Natural History Museum in London, is one of his scientific reports. In 2003, the University of Tonekabon invited him as a lecturer for Environmental Sciences courses and implementation of research projects. In July 2005, he received an offer from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to pursue his Ph.D. program in Environmental Chemistry. From 2005-2009, he studied the “Distribution, Sources and Depositional History of PAHs and Hopane in Selected Location in Peninsular Malaysia” as his doctoral degree research. During his PhD, he published several scientific papers in peer reviewed ISI and impacted factor journals. He also served as post doctoral fellow for more than 1 year in Marine Ecosystem Research Center and Institute of Environment and Development at the National University of Malaysia where was involved in Antarctica projects.

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