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Osmania University India

Professor Padma Tirunilai has been actively engaged in teaching and research in the field of Human and Medical genetics over four decades. Her master’s and doctoral degrees in Genetics are conferred by Osmania University, India. She served the university in various academic and administrative capacities and also The Indian Society of Human Genetics as life member and secretary. She conducted several research projects, workshops and was mentor of students working for Ph.D. degree in Human Genetics. Her academic contributions are related to gene mapping and genetic analysis of Mendelian and complex disorders like Cataracts, Essential hypertension, Lipidemias, Hearing Impairment, Glaucoma and Epilepsy. She has authored reviews and chapters for books and articles that were published in several reputed journals.

Padma Tirunilai

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Recent Trends in Cytogenetic Studies - Methodologies and Applications deals with recent trends in cytogenetics with minute details of methodologies that can be adopted in clinical laboratories. The chapters deal with basic methods of primary cultures, cell lines and their applications; microtechnologies and automations; array CGH for the diagnosis of fetal conditions; approaches to acute lymphoblastic and myeloblastic leukemias in patients and survivors of atomic bomb exposure; use of digital image technology and using chromosomes as tools to discover biodiversity. While concentrating on the advanced methodologies in cytogenetic studies and their applications, authors have pointed out the need to develop cytogenetic labs with modern tools to facilitate precise and effective diagnosis to benefit the patient population.

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