Juliano Ferreira

Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Brazil

Researcher A of Embrapa Pecuária Sul (Embrapa Southern Livestock) - Genetics and Breeding. He holds a diploma in Agriculture and Livestock technician from Escola Agrotécnica Federal de Barbacena (Diaulas Abreu), a degree in Agronomy from Universidade Federal de Lavras (2003) and a Magister Scientia in Genetics and Breeding from Universidade Federal de Viçosa (2004), and a Doctor Scientia degree in Genetics and Breeding in Universidade Federal de Viçosa / University of California Davis (2009). He also worked as Postdoctoral position at Consórcio Brasileiro de Pesquisa do Café / EMBRAPA Café (BIOAGRO UFV) and EPAMIG Grape and Wine at laboratory of Plant Biotechnology He has experience in Genetics, with emphasis on Molecular Genetics and Microorganisms, working mainly on the following topics: breeding, forage, evolution, domestication, biosafety, molecular markers, genetic diversity, development of microsatellite markers, sequencing, beans, biotic and abiotic stresses, and genomic analysis. He also has experience in the areas of Statistics, Biometrics, Population Genetics, and Genomic Statistics.

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