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University of Nis Serbia

Stevo Najman, PhD, is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš. He defended his PhD dissertation in the field of regulation of myelopoiesis and phagocytic system at the University of Novi Sad. At the Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, he is the head of Scientific Research Center for Biomedicine and gives lectures in the fields of cell and molecular biology, genetics, and laboratory techniques for students of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy and also for biology students as a part-time professor at the Faculty of Science. He has published more than 130 scientific papers and seven books. His current fields of research are stem cell–based bone tissue engineering and models for testing of biologically active substances in vitro and in vivo.

Stevo Najman

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Cell biology is a multidisciplinary scientific field that its modern expansion in new knowledge and applications owes to important support of new technologies with the rapid development, such as ICTs. By integrating knowledge from nano-, molecular, micro-, and macroareas, it represents a strong foundation for almost all biological sciences and disciplines, as well as for biomedical research and application. This book is a compilation of inspiring reviews/original studies, which are divided into sections: New Methods in Cell Biology, Molecular and Cellular Regulatory Mechanisms, and Cellular Basis of Disease and Therapy. The book will be very useful for students and beginners to gain insight into new area, as well as for experts and scientists to find new facts and expand their scientific horizons through biological sciences and biomedicine.

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