Alexandr Lepeshkin

Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor DevelopmentRussia

I was born in Lytkarino city оf Moscow region in 1957. My childhood I have spent with my parents also in Lytkarino. I live there now. In 1965 I entered school №37 and I graduated from it in 1975. In the same year I entered Moscow Power Engineering Institute - Technical University (MPEI) and graduated from it in 1982. In 1982 I got my first job in Power Institute of named G.M. Krgiganovskii where I worked till 1985. In 1985 I got job in Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM). In 1992 I entered in CIAM graduation. In 1997 I defended the dissertation “Development of computational and experimental methodology thermomechanical loading of GTE disks and blades by using induction heating” in CIAM. In 2007 I defended the doctoral dissertation “Development of effective modes of induction heating of parts in view of thermal stresses“ in MPEI. At the present time I am a chief of CIAM sector, professor of Moscow Aviation Technology Institute and member of the Academy of Electrical Sciences RU.

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