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Jatin K. Srivastava is currently working as Assistant Professor at Department of Applied Sciences Global Group of Institutions Lucknow and is having 11 years of research experience in Environmental Biotechnology, Aquatic Science, Environmental Impact Assessment and Biodiversity. Dr. Srivastava has significant contribution in the field of aquatic science, ecology and water pollution. Dr. Srivastava has several International publications on certain thrust areas of Environmental Sciences.

Jatin Srivastava

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Nature minimizes the hazards, while man maximizes them. This is not an assumption, but a basic idea of the findings of scientists from all over the world. The last two centuries have witnessed the indiscriminate development and overexploitation of natural resources by man causing alterations and impairment of our own environment. Environmental contamination is the result of the irrational use of resources at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Environmental contamination has changed the lifestyle of people virtually all over the world, and has reduced the extent of life on earth. Today, we are bound to compromises with such environmental conditions, which was not anticipated for the sustenance of humanity and other life forms. Let us find out the problem and its management within this book.

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