Koel Chaudhury

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India

During the early part of her career, Dr. Koel Chaudhury, Ph.D worked extensively on the development of a non-hormonal injectable male contraceptive, RISUG which is presently in Phase III clinical trials. Her present research focus is on Women’s Health which includes clinical proteomics and metabolomics based biomarker discovery in endometriosis and gestational hypertension, understanding endometrial receptivity and pathogenesis of endometriosis at a molecular level and role of oxidative stress in infertility. She has successfully established the threshold level of reactive oxygen species beyond with IVF/ICSI outcome is not favourable. Dr. Chaudhury has several projects funded by the Government of India and has a large number of international publications to her credit. She is also a peer reviewer of reputed journals. She is presently working as an Associate Professor in the School of Medical Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

Koel Chaudhury

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This book provides an insight into the emerging trends in pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of endometriosis. Key features of the book include overviews of endometriosis; endometrial angiogenesis, stem cells involvement, immunological and hormonal aspects related to the disease pathogenesis; recent research reports on infertility, endometrial receptivity, ovarian cancer and altered gene expression associated with endometriosis; various predictive markers, and imaging modalities including MRI and ultrasound for efficient diagnosis; as well as current non-hormonal and hormonal treatment strategies This book is expected to be a valuable resource for clinicians, scientists and students who would like to have an improved understanding of endometriosis and also appreciate recent research trends associated with this disease.

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