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Federal Institute of Brasília Brazil

Fabiano Cavalcanti Fernandes, PhD. in Computer Science, Federal University of Paraiba (1998), Master of Science in Knowledge Management and Technology Information, Catholic University of Brasilia (2007), Doctorate in Biotechnology (Bioinformatics), Catholic University of Brasilia (2012). He is currently professor at Federal Institute of Brasilia. His scientific works concern bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, data mining, data science, machine learning and informatics in health.

Fabiano Fernandes

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Mammography remains at the backbone of medical tools to examine the human breast. The early detection of breast cancer typically uses adjunct tests to mammogram such as ultrasound, positron emission mammography, electrical impedance, Computer-aided detection systems and others. In the present digital era it is even more important to use the best new techniques and systems available to improve the correct diagnosis and to prevent mortality from breast cancer. The first part of this book deals with the electrical impedance mammographic scheme, ultrasound axillary imaging, position emission mammography and digital mammogram enhancement. A detailed consideration of CBR CAD System and the availability of mammographs in Brazil forms the second part of this book. With the up-to-date papers from world experts, this book will be invaluable to anyone who studies the field of mammography.

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