Patrizia Ghislandi

University of Trento Italy

Patrizia Ghislandi is full professor of “educational technologies” at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, Trento University, Italy. Between 1987 and 2000 she was director of the CTU-Centro di Tecnologie per l’Apprendimento, the eLearning Center of the University of Milan, which she had set up in 1976. She initiated, and between 2001 and 2004 coordinated, the Trento\'s university Online Teaching project, and for that period was pro-rector for distance teaching/learning. She has been carrying out researches and experimentations in the field of training technologies and methodology since 1976. She has been a speaker at over 100 national and international conferences; published more than 150 scientific papers and edited 5 monographs and textbooks. She is member of several editorial boards of scientific journals.

Patrizia Ghislandi

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The term was coined when electronics, with the personal computer, was very popular and internet was still at its dawn. It is a very successful term, by now firmly in schools, universities, and SMEs education and training. Just to give an example 3.5 millions of students were engaged in some online courses in higher education institutions in 2006 in the USA1.eLearning today refers to the use of the network technologies to design, deliver, select, manage and broaden learning and the possibilities made available by internet to offer to the users synchronous and asynchronous learning, so that they can access the courses content anytime and wherever there is an internet connection.

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