Jong Seto

University of Konstanz Germany

Dr. Jong Seto, from Los Angeles, California, USA, studied mineralization processes in echinoderms in larval model systems at the University of California, Berkeley and completed his Ph.D. in bone architecture and mechanics at the Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in 2010. His current research interests include development of in situ measurements of organic-inorganic interactions in calcium carbonate and phosphate mineralization systems as well as structure-function relationships in biological materials. He is currently a research fellow working with Prof. Helmut Cölfen at the Universität Konstanz and enjoys cycling, hiking, as well as skiing outdoors in the nearby Alps.

Jong Seto

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Advanced Topics in Biomineralization is a compendium of current topics focusing on processes of formation, organization, as well as mineralization of novel structural materials. From enchondral ossification to the application of biomineralized cement, the subject of biomineralization encompasses a range of diverse disciplines including molecular biology, supramolecular chemistry, materials science and engineering. A common theme in all these areas of research in biomineralization is the ability to utilize strategies from Nature to create functional materials. By understanding Nature's tools to make strong and tough materials, similar properties can be endowed into man-made materials in the near future.

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