Edmir Carvalho

Sao Paulo State University Brazil

Dr. Edmir Carvalho is an environmentalist, biologist, and university professor. Currently, he is the vice-director of the Aquaculture Center of UNESP (Sao Paulo State University) where he also coordinates a research group in the Graduate Program focusing on ecology and fish biology, and aquaculture research Furthermore, Dr. Carvalho teaches Cell Biology for undergraduate courses. He is national and international referee of scientific journals. This extensive research activity has resulted in scientific publications, including scientific articles, reports and book chapters in the field of Inland Fishery Resources, focusing on topics such as freshwater fish breeding, fish fauna of reservoirs, fish parasitology, limnology, fish restocking, and environmental impacts on inland aquatic environments.

Edmir Carvalho

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Aquaculture has been expanding in a fast rate, and further development should rely on the assimilation of scientific knowledge of diverse areas such as molecular and cellular biology, and ecology. Understanding the relation between farmed species and their pathogens and parasites, and this relation to environment is a great challenge. Scientific community is involved in building a model for aquaculture that does not harm ecosystems and provides a reliable source of healthy seafood. This book features contributions from renowned international authors, presenting high quality scientific chapters addressing key issues for effective health management of cultured aquatic animals. Available for open internet access, this book is an effort to reach the broadest diffusion of knowledge useful for both academic and productive sector.

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