Eduardo Valencia Morales

Dr. Eduardo Valencia Morales is a Professor of Physics and Materials Science at the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas (UCLV) in Cuba. He has been a visiting Professor at several universities in America, where he has developed different international projects on physical metallurgy in subjects such as: Strengthening Mechanisms in Commercial Hot Strip Microalloyed Steels, Kinetics of the Phase Transformation in Low Alloy Steels, etc. He has trained several post-doctoral researchers and he has published numerous articles on materials in approximately 20 different international journals corresponding to the SCI. His works have been presented in multiple international symposia, and he is a reviewer of several international journals. Dr. Morales has received two prizes from the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the Special Award of the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba for his scientific activity. He recently received the order Carlos J. Finlay, the main distinction that the Cuban State grants to persons by their recognized scientific work.

Eduardo Valencia Morales

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The sections in this book are devoted to new approaches and usages of stainless steels, the influence of the environments on the behavior of certain classes of steels, new structural concepts to understand some fatigue processes, new insight on strengthening mechanisms, and toughness in microalloyed steels. The kinetics during tempering in low-alloy steels is also discussed through a new set-up that uses a modified Avrami formalism.

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