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Professor Gian Luigi Marseglia was born on April 29th 1955 in Italy. He went to High School in Italy and graduated in classical studies. He finished Medical School in Italy, at the University of Pavia and he then specialized in Pediatrics, Allergy, Respiratory Physiokynesitherapy, and Infectious Diseases. He worked at the University of Lyone (France) and at the University of Brescia (Italy). Since 1991 he works at the University of Pavia, where he is a full-time Professor of Pediatrics and Head of the Department of Pediatrics and of the Allergy-Immunology Pediatric Unit. Since 2009 he is the chief of the Pediatric Program at the University of Pavia as well. He has published almost 150 articles in international journals, focusing mainly on pediatrics, allergies, respiratory and ORL diseases.

Gian Luigi Marseglia

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Rhinosinusitis has both a great practical interest and a broad significance due to the scientific complexity of the pathogenetic problems related to the disease, not yet completely resolved, and their implications for clinical treatment. This book highlights certain specific topics that usually are not clarified in other resources. The first chapter is devoted to the impoverished quality of life experienced by patients suffering from rhinosinusitis. The second chapter focuses on the microbiological aspects of rhinosinusitis, while the two subsequent chapters explain the peculiar aspects of chronic rhinosinusitis and of recurrent chronic rhinosinusitis. The first chapter of the second section of the book is dedicated to the imaging techniques used to visualize the nasal sinuses and the other to a medical topical type of treatment.

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