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Dr Tao Sun is an Associate Professor of Cell and Development Biology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City, the United States of America (USA). He undertook his PhD studies in Neurobiology at University College London, United Kingdom. After his PhD work, Dr Sun did his postdoctoral training in Neurogenetics at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. He became a faculty member at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in 2005. Dr Sun’s research interests include neural stem cell development in embryonic and adult brains and spinal cords, noncoding RNA regulation in neural development and function, molecular control of brain asymmetry and cognitive functions, and genetic causes of neurological disorders.

Tao Sun

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This book is a collective work of international experts in the neural stem cell field. The book incorporates the characterization of embryonic and adult neural stem cells in both invertebrates and vertebrates. It highlights the history and the most advanced discoveries in neural stem cells, and summarizes the mechanisms of neural stem cell development. In particular, this book provides strategies and discusses the challenges of utilizing neural stem cells for therapy of neurological disorders and brain and spinal cord injuries. It is suitable for general readers, students, doctors and researchers who are interested in understanding the principles of and new discoveries in neural stem cells and therapy.

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