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Edith Cowan University Australia

Associate Professor Jacques Oosthuizen received his Bachelor\'s degree, MMed Sci and PhD in Environmental Health. Dr Oosthuizen is the Director of the Occupational Health Research Group at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. He coordinates the undergraduate Environmental Health and the Post Graduate Occupational Hygiene Program. Dr Oosthuizen is a certified occupational hygienist, registered with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and he is a member of Environmental Health Australia and the Safety Institute of Australia. He is responsible for the development of a number of successful courses, consulting with the industry. He has also worked closely with the industry providing consultancy and performing contract research in various areas of health, safety and occupational hygiene (exposure assessment). Dr Oosthuizen has supervised numerous Master and PhD students and has a strong track record in applied occupational health research as evidenced by his conference proceedings, journal publications, book chapters and prior as well as current industry collaborative research grants.

Jacques Oosthuizen

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Environmental health practitioners worldwide are frequently presented with issues that require further investigating and acting upon so that exposed populations can be protected from ill-health consequences. These environmental factors can be broadly classified according to their relation to air, water or food contamination. However, there are also work-related, occupational health exposures that need to be considered as a subset of this dynamic academic field. This book presents a review of the current practice and emerging research in the three broadly defined domains, but also provides reference for new emerging technologies, health effects associated with particular exposures and environmental justice issues. The contributing authors themselves display a range of backgrounds and they present a developing as well as a developed world perspective. This book will assist environmental health professionals to develop best practice protocols for monitoring a range of environmental exposure scenarios.

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