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Tezpur University India

Prof. A. Kumar obtained his M. Tech and Ph.D. degree from IIT, Kanpur in Material Science. He had done masters in Physics with Electronics as specialization from Meerut University. His research interest involve Materials Science/Condensed Matter Physics: Polymer Electrolytes and Conducting Polymers. He has been a faculty member of the department of physics since 1999.

Ashok Kumar

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Air pollution is about five decades or so old field and continues to be a global concern. Therefore, the governments around the world are involved in managing air quality in their countries for the welfare of their citizens. The management of air pollution involves understanding air pollution sources, monitoring of contaminants, modeling air quality, performing laboratory experiments, the use of satellite images for quantifying air quality levels, indoor air pollution, and elimination of contaminants through control. Research activities are being performed on every aspect of air pollution throughout the world, in order to respond to public concerns. The book is grouped in five different sections. Some topics are more detailed than others. The readers should be aware that multi-authored books have difficulty maintaining consistency. A reader will find, however, that each chapter is intellectually stimulating. Our goal was to provide current information and present a reasonable analysis of air quality data compiled by knowledgeable professionals in the field of air pollution.

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