César Martín-Gómez

University of Navarra

César Martín Gómez, Ph.D., is an architect responsible for building services in complex buildings such as the Auditorium of Navarra, the V Stage of Universidad de Navarra Clinic, and the Spanish Pavilion at the Saragossa Expo. He has worked at I&S Ingenieros, in the Architecture Department of the Spanish Renewable Energies Center (CENER), and as a building services and energy coordinator at Mangado & Asociados. Dr. Gómez has worked as a researcher and professor in the Construction, Building Services and Structures Department, Universidad de Navarra, Spain, since 2009.

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This book focuses on heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as the energy systems required for buildings not connected to thermal and electrical networks. However, it is essential to note that the book does not just discuss buildings in remote or challenging locations. Current society demands that future structures, regardless of whether they are newly constructed or renovated, not only meet the nearly zero energy building (nZEB) standards but also produce surplus energy. Concepts such as heat pumps, heat recovery, and energy efficiency, in addition to artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining, and exergy, will undoubtedly provide high-value solutions to both new and refurbished buildings.

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