Petr Ptáček

Brno University of TechnologyCzech Republic

Petr Ptáček was born in 1978 in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. He received his PhD in materials science and technology from Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry in 2005. Since 2005 up to now he has been working at the Institute of Materials Chemistry and at the Materials Research Centre of Brno University of Technology as an Assistant Professor and a Senior Researcher, respectively. Current teaching and research activities include chemistry, materials structure and thermodynamics, heat treatment of silicates, ceramics and advanced ceramics, refractory materials, special inorganic cements, geopolymers, colloidal chemistry and heterogeneous kinetics. He was awarded several times for his out-standing academic performance in the fields mentioned above. Ptáček has published over 100 scientific articles, including full-length articles, book chapters and contributions to international conferences; he registered 15 national patents and participated in the development of 5 applied industrial technologies.

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Strontium aluminate cement is special inorganic cement with the properties which make it favorable for various special applications such as refractory products, macro defect free (MDF) composites, blended cements and expansive cements for high temperature applications. There is an immense number of possible combinations which can be made to prepare blended and multicomponent cements and to investigate the influence of substitutions on the properties of strontium aluminate. Divided into ten sections, this book provides the latest research achievements in many aspects of this binder. The manufacturing, the hydration process, the setting behavior and the properties are described. The book contains many original and firstly published experimental research results obtained during writing. Currently there is no comprehensive work on this topic in literature. From this point of view, the book is a pilot work on this topic and should attract the attention of researchers and bring further progress of this topic.

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