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East Kent Hospitals University Nhs Foundation Trust United Kingdom

Dr. Somnath Banerjee is a Community Paediatrician in UK. His interests are ADHD and Epilepsy in children. He Chairs ADHD team meetings in his Trust. Dr Banerjee received the annual Trust Award 2004 for the ‘Best Clinical Audit Project’. He has presented various papers/posters & conducted workshops on ADHD in National and International conferences. He has been involved with various Pan-European researches on ADHD drugs. Dr Banerjee has contributed chapters in many medical books. He is the co-founder of Kent ADHD Network and Convenor; George Still Forum (National Paediatric ADHD Network Group), a special interest group of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in UK.

Somnath Banerjee

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ADHD in children and adolescents is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is recognized by the clinicians all over the world. ADHD is a clinical diagnosis based on reliable history, reports from home and school and a physical examination to rule out any other underlying medical conditions. ADHD can cause low self-esteem in the child and impair quality of life for the child and the family. It is known that ADHD is a chronic illness and that clinicians needed to use chronic illness principles in treating it. The last 10 years have seen an increase in the number of medications that have been approved for the treatment of ADHD. This book has tried to address some of the issues in ADHD.

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