Cecilia Maldonado

University of the Republic Uruguay

Cecilia Maldonado is an assistant professor at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department in the Faculty of Chemistry, UdelaR, Uruguay, and a researcher at the University Hospital in the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Service. She completed her PhD degree in Efflux Transporter and Its Relationship to Anticonvulsant Therapeutics. In the recent years, she worked with the Pain Interdisciplinary Unit in the University Hospital on the follow-up of patients with chronic pain and also investigated methadone pharmacokinetics. She has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and was awarded with the Grant for Professional Innovation from the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2013.

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Since the beginning of times, pain treatment has been the motive of research giving birth to multiple groups of pharmacological families and therapies. Pain perception is a construction built over the biological phenomenon of signal transduction surrounded by different factors such as gender, age, and sociocultural status, among others. The concept of pain as the solely biological manifestation of defense is nowadays considered as a narrow-minded view of this topic. In this regard concepts such as newborns feel no pain or older people complain about everything therefore should not be paid attention when referring pain, are being left behind in the understanding that pain alleviation is a human right and everybody feeling pain should be helped for its relief. This book comprises many aspects of pain treatment and the drugs involved in it. From old analgesics with new mechanisms of action for pain alleviation to analgesics potential for diminishing oxidative stress; from pharmacological therapies to electrical ones, going through alternative medicine; and from pain treatment in dentistry to chronic pain therapies, also boarding the treatment of migraine, different experts share their knowledge on the topic.

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