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University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Dr. Luciano Azevedo obtained his medical degree from Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil, in 1996. After deciding to study critical care, he moved to São Paulo where he finished medical residencies in Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine at the University of São Paulo in 1998 and 1999, respectively. By this time, he was completely absorbed by the study of sepsis and this led him to complete his PhD in this area at the University of São Paulo in 2004. Nowadays, he is a professor at the Emergency Medicine Department at the University of São Paulo and the coordinator of the Intensive Care and Anesthesiology Experimental Laboratory at the Instituto Sirio-Libanes de Ensino e Pesquisa in São Paulo. He is author of 50 peer-review articles and 32 book chapters, has edited three books and served as a reviewer for 15 journals in the fields of intensive care, anesthesiology and translational science.

Luciano Azevedo

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Sepsis is the major cause of death in non-cardiologic intensive care units around the world. Every year, billions of dollars are consumed in the treatment of sepsis and in research to understand its complex pathophysiology and therefore obtain future therapeutic opportunities. Despite the efforts of the scientists and medical practitioners, the mortality rates are still high and the incidence of sepsis is increasing. In this book we provide an update on several aspects of sepsis. Starting from the history of the disease and finishing with treatment of sepsis-associated organ dysfunctions, this book offers a wide scope of well-written and complete reviews concerning pathophysiological and therapeutic characteristics of sepsis. We hope that the work of the authors will provide a significant forum of discussion on the topic, and increase the awareness of the healthcare team regarding the important aspects of early recognition and treatment of this severe condition.

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