Ema Ekundayo

Dr. Ema Ekundayo has a Ph.D. in Soil Microbiology with about 20 years of research, teaching and consulting experience in Soil Science and the Environmental sciences. His research and teaching career started at the University of Benin in Nigeria where he rose from the position of graduate assistant in 1991 to Associate Professor of Soil Science in 2005. He also has published over 40 papers in several reputable, peer-reviewed international journals such as “Environmental Monitoring and Assessment” and “Plant Foods for Human Nutrition” to name a few. He has a broad range of expertise in areas such as soil microbiolgy, pedology and soil classification, soil physics and environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, and the monitoring, assessment, remediation and reclamation of contaminated sites. He was once a Royal Society Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in the United Kingdom from 1996 to 1997. He emigrated to Canada in 2005 and has worked as a Project Scientist on several remediation and reclamation projects for SNC Lavalin Environment Inc. Dr. Ekundayo is a Professional Agrologist member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is married with three daughters.

Ema Ekundayo

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"Environmental Monitoring" is a book designed by InTech - Open Access Publisher in collaboration with scientists and researchers from all over the world. The book is designed to present recent research advances and developments in the field of environmental monitoring to a global audience of scientists, researchers, environmental educators, administrators, managers, technicians, students, environmental enthusiasts and the general public. The book consists of a series of sections and chapters addressing topics like the monitoring of heavy metal contaminants in varied environments, biolgical monitoring/ecotoxicological studies; and the use of wireless sensor networks/Geosensor webs in environmental monitoring.

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