Hanem Fathy Khater

Banha University Egypt

Prof. Khater is a Professor of Parasitology at Benha University, Egypt. She studied for her doctoral degree, at the Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. She has completed her Ph.D. degrees in Parasitology in Egypt, from where she got the award for “the best scientific Ph.D. dissertation”. She worked at the School of Biological Sciences, Bristol, England, the UK in controlling insects of medical and veterinary importance as a grant from Newton Mosharafa, the British Council. Her research is focused on searching of pesticides against mosquitoes, house flies, lice, green bottle fly, camel nasal botfly, soft and hard ticks, mites, and the diamondback moth as well as control of several parasites using safe and natural materials to avoid drug resistances and environmental contamination.

Hanem Fathy Khater

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This book emphasizes past and current research efforts about principles of natural control of major parasites affecting humans, animals, and crops. Each chapter is a complete and integrated subject that presents a problem and confers on the safe alternatives to chemicals. This book discusses and updates information about three major topics of natural remedies. The first topic is represented in a chapter outlining important information on biological control of parasites, the second topic is represented in three chapters dealing with botanicals as promising antiparasitic agents, and the last four chapters deal with miscellaneous control strategies against parasites. This easily readable book is designed precisely for students as well as professors linked with the field of parasitic control. We enhanced words with breathing areas in the form of graphical abstracts, figures, photographs, and tables.

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